Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Oh Life, How Strange You Are" tərcüməsi - "Ey Həyat, Sən Nə Qəribəsən?" translation

This song by the aptly named “Qaya Qrupu” (“Rock Group”) was apparently very popular in Azerbaijan in the late 1960s.  Written in 1967 by the poet Cabir Novruz and with music by Oqtay Kazımi, “Ey Həyat, Sən Nə Qəribəsən?” is sort of a mystery to me.  I understand the first verses of the song but I am totally stumped by the last lines.  I am not sure if the fact that the boy and girl are related is the ultimate irony that makes life strange or if this is simply one more example.  It is fairly common for people to marry their cousins in Azerbaijan so I am really not sure.  Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the meaning.  Please clarify this in the comments!  At any rate, this video provides a wonderful glimpse into popular culture in late 1960s Baku. UPDATE: Mystery solved in the comments.  I just made a silly translation error. 

Ey Həyat, Sən Nə Qəribəsən?
Oh Life, How Strange You Are

Nə yaxın qonşu olduq

Bu dünyada,

Ayrı-ayrı doğulduq

Bu dünyada,
Axır gəlib bir olduq
Bu dünyada,
Ey həyat, sən nə qəribəsən?…
What close neighbors we were
             In this world,
We were born separately
In this world,
At the end we were one
In this world
Oh life, how strange you are...

Sən ay kimi baxdın mənə,

Sən gün kimi baxdın mənə,

Gözlərinin qarasıyla

Güldü ömrün baxtı mənə…
Like the moon you watched over me,
Like the sun you watched over me,
With the blackness of your eyes
Life’s fortune laughed at me…

Aylar keçir, illər keçir,
Axın olur,

Yadlar gəlir doğma olur,
Yaxın olur.

Məhəbbətlə ötən ömür,
Nağıl olur,
Ey həyat, sən nə qəribəsən?
Months pass, years pass,
            Like a stream,
Memories come and they are dear,
            Staying nearby.
With love this last life,
            Is a fairytale,
Oh life, how strange you are…

Bu ilqarı yaşatdıq canımızda,
Gənclik eşqi qaynadı qanımızda.
Qohum oldu atamız, anamız da,
Ey həyat, sən nə qəribəsən?...
We lived this devotion in our soul,
Youthful love boiled in our blood.
Our fathers and mothers were related
Oh life, how strange you are…


  1. Very nice song! Thank you for sharing :)

    I will ask around, but I think the translation would be "Our fathers and mothers became relatives" as it says "qohum oldu" and not "qohumdi". When I know the answer I will post again.

  2. My translation has been confirmed :).

  3. You are absolutely right! Thanks for pointing this out. It makes a lot more sense now.